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Scattering of incoming sunlight by the relatively high dust particle content in the Martian atmosphere leads to the sky having significant brightness. The colour of the sky is, in general, reddened with respect to a solar spectrum [Pollack et al., 1977] because, unlike Earth's sky brightness which is dominated by Rayleigh scattering from gas molecules, scattering by dust particles with sizes comparable to or larger than visible wavelengths predominates. This difference has the further significance that while, on a clear day, the blue colour of Earth's sky is rather uniform, the reddening of the Martian sky varies strongly with the angular separation from the Sun. The sky on Mars provides an additional source of illumination to the surface.

The influence of sky colour

We performed a series of observations of the rock, Yogi. 

It was noticed that the colour of Yogi's surfaces changed according to time of day and by looking at the properties of the calibration target, we were able to model the sky brightness and fit the colour changes of the rock.

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